Activate the Archives – January 3rd, ’14


Back in July I made a channel entitled Studio Lost and Found. This channel’s purpose is to upload any and all bits of miscellaneous media that are hard to find online… which I happen to have. This can range from unknown or unreleased music, unavailable DVD extras, pretty much anything that someone would Google and find no results for.

As someone who has 15 tapes and 13 memory cards worth of personal footage spanning 8 years, I have a need to preserve any media that I find meaningful or important. Whether the media is worth anything to anyone else depends on the person. But for now here’s my newest addition, a song by one of my favourite directors who was also a major inspiration that got me into independent video production, Robert Benfer a.k.a. Knox from Knox’s Korner. Many of his songs from 2006-2008 are almost impossible to find. Lucky for me…