Keep Circulating the Tapes – March 15th, ’14


The newest addition to the Studio Lost & Found archives: bloopers from one of my favourite tv shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. These bloopers are available only on the MST3K Essentials DVD and Outtakes VHS. Both the show and the bloopers are fantastic, so I decided to make them available for anyone who has yet to enjoy them, especially when finding bloopers for this show are very rare. For the unaware, Mystery Science Theater was a 1988 -1999 comedy show about Joel Hodgson, and latterly Mike Nelson, and his two robot companions, Crow and Tom Servo, and how they are forced to watch terrible B movies every week. For anyone who has a love for film and witty criticism and have yet to watch the show, you’re missing out.

I discovered this loving gem when I was 9 years old when I woke up early on a Saturday morning and watched whatever was playing on the Sci-Fi network (back when, you know, it wasn’t dead). Lo and behold my eyes became glued to these silhouettes in a theater watching some weird black and white Japanese alien invasion movie. The effect this unique presentation and hilarity had on my still waking kid brain stayed with me forever, and now I own six MST3K volumes and have made it a necessity to see the creators’ Rifftrax Live broadcasts at my movie theater every time they host one.

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