It’s Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb!


During the glory days of 2005-2006, before the rise of angry internet reviewers and cookie cutter Let’s Players, G4TV was a network filled with unique talent, quality, and dedication from their hosts and producers whose lives were dedicated to video games and entertainment. This is but one of their gems from the video game review show, X-Play.

G4TV aired fantastic shows like Cinematech (half hour compilations of video game cutscenes) Attack of the Show (variety news show that covered everything nerdy and eclectic from weird eBay items, technology, katana testing, and deep frying dead cats) Cheat! (show dedicated to tips and cheat codes for video games). The network was like a public TV station with actual money and hosted by some of the coolest people you wish you knew or could be.

News, skits, reviews, documentaries, game coverage from Japan expos, there was so much to see and learn before the reality TV and social networking generation began destroying creativity and focused on web based content. G4TV has long since died due to the network replacing its original programming with reruns of Cops and Cheaters and the like. But the beauty I found in G4’s shows shall rest in peace and live forever in my heart and my archive.